Gift ideas for your man’s summer vacation

Looking forward to your next summer vacation? Beach holidays at Krabi or Bali? Consider these gift ideas below to remind your man just how much you are looking forward to the trip. Even better, these gifts can forever remind him of the quality time you both spent together on your trip.

He’s a swimmer (and doesn’t mind showing off some skin)

Get him a swim short. It whispers “I want to spend more time with you in the waters!”

Most men do feel uncomfortable (or insecure) when it comes to swim shorts. To be safe, you want to get dark colours. Check out the OEM blue swim trunk (RM 49 from above (blue is easy to accept, but yet not too dated).

If your man is slightly more open to new things, get a printed one like the above Taddlee tropical print (USD 29 from

He’s NOT a swimmer, but athletic

Your man may not be comfortable flaunting his body in public. You may want to get him a cool pair of shades for that extra protection from sun rays.

4EST shade stone wood wayfarer

For better protection, get something like the 4EST shades (USD 56 from above that fully covers the eyes. Aviators may look good (not so much for man with round face), but it doesn’t provide full protection from sun rays.

This handcrafted 4EST shades is a wayfarer design for the environmental warriors.

He’s young and clueless

We all have that one man in our lives, who are adults but just refuse to grow up. For him, you want to get a water proof bluetooth speaker (RM 92 from Cause all he wants is to play his favourite music while not worrying about wetting his phone.

hot Outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker water proof Bluetooth speaker IPX7 water proof Bluetooth speakers

He’s a serious man

For your serious man, you want to get him something comfortable for the heat.


A nice white linen shirt will not only say “I’m serious”, but also “I’m confident letting loose sometimes”.

Check out this white linen shirt (RM 49 from

He’s the father of your child

For the father of your child, you want to get him something he can play with your child. Nothing is more valuable to a father than these precious bonding sessions with his child.

Source: Youtube (Twin toys)

Nothing shouts more fun that Nerf guns (RM 70 from

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